Submit a Proposal

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor at the Dunbar Community Centre. The Dunbar Community Centre is an active community centre offering a wide and diverse number of recreational programs and activities from pre-schoolers to seniors.

Please note the submission deadlines for each season, and be aware that certain program areas may require a Police Records Check that will be at your expense.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant Programmer at 604-222-6060 ext. 1. Programmers will review all submitted applications.

Youth and Adaptive Programs: Gogo Lalli
Adults, Seniors & Yoga/Pilates, Fitness, Workshops: Roy Liu
Preschool, Children and Preteen: Brittany Walsh

Winter: Jan-Mar (submit by mid-Oct)
Spring: April-June (submit by mid-Jan)
Summer: July-Aug (submit by mid-Mar)
Fall: Sept-Dec (submit by mid-June)